Choosing "lssine" means that you will gain reliable global experience and knowledge, while providing support for your application, but also improve security and productivity. "lssine" as early as 1990s began to produce resistors, business process can be traced back to 1992.......More
Our system is ISO9001 and China's 3C certification. We pledge our design and manufacturing quality to be our business development and to ensure that our product reliability is the basis from initial design to final delivery.

Extensive experience – a wide range of applications and a wealth of industry knowledge.

Innovative products – the key to customer demand for technology.

Reliable partners – customers pay attention to product quality and reliable reputation.


Many of our products are customized and special applications, so we believe that development is based on technical solutions and close cooperation with our customers. We strive to provide the best solutions, from design and manufacturing to timely and on-time delivery, to achieve world-class service excellence.

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Do you need a customized product?
There are product options on our catalog, some of which are existing standard products. This solution supports existing customers' standard products, and we can quickly evaluate and provide technical support and develop special customized products for OEMs.Our application development team's experience provides a suitable, more reliable and cost effective product solution for customer applications.
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Long-term partner
We gain long-term trust and cooperation with our customers through excellent product quality.
Development History
Zhejiang Lixin Lifting Switch Factory was established on September 30, 1992, and has accumulated more than 20 years of experience and technology.
Construction of production drawing library, on-line of enterprise management software A3 system, construction of existing factory building
The establishment of the company's foreign trade department officially entered the international market
Due to the development of the company's market, it began to get involved in the crane cab and the complete industry.
Sales are on the right track, and we begin to pay attention to the importance of service to the company, and the office staff is gradually increasing, gradually creating a perfect image of the company.
Established the Shanghai sales department, sales further into a layer and gradually develop a wider market
Henan Changchun Office was established. Due to fierce market competition, Henan Changchun Office was set up to maintain customer follow-up and after-sales treatment.
The company imports processing equipment and improves the internal trench process
Introduced fully automatic production line, all products meet 3C requirements
Expand product line in all directions, develop high-end customer demand products
Fully import OA system